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Knight Security and Patrol works with many Tow Agencies and Repossession Companies within the city.  Knight Security will only tag, sticker, remove, or have a vehicle removed or ticketed if the order comes down from your management team or if it is obstructing any of the city ordinances or state laws. Tow Agencies have their own contracts with the Complex just like any other vendor. We will assist you as a courtesy if at all possible as I have listed the five most common companies in the area as you must check with your management team to be 100% sure what agency they use as they usually post signs up in the handicapped and fire lane areas (see attached pictures). If someone is parked in your spot you can sign for that removal with proof that the designated parking area does belong to you, any other actions regarding vehicles are to be answered by the agency that services your property. We will only take action for handicapped and fire lanes as the agencies run off of their own independent contract with the management team!!!

Our Patrol Division runs 7 days a week 365 a year from 6pm-6am no matter the elements of weather or Holiday's. We are here to ensure that your property is safe, quiet, and free of criminal activity so please call us anytime!

Do you need the Quality of your property Assessed?

You may get it for free, find out how???

My name is Commander Jason McLaughlin GM/COO of Knight Security and Patrol Inc. We currently offer and provide a verity of Security and Protection Services to our current and future clients as one of these services is what we call a "Quality Assessment Report" (QAR) as I will come through and conduct an assessment of your property which consists of many different variables as you may be asking yourself what is a Quality Assessment?  

A Quality Assessment is when I come out and assess certain aspects as we have created an algorithm that is compiled mostly of crime in your certain area and the areas surrounding your current address, the geographical area of where you live in or where your business/property is located, if your property/address is located in a "pocket",  a percentage of car\home break-ins in your area, city wide information that consist of many different aspects of crime with in the city as many other things compiled in to one assessment makes for an excellent quality within our service   Current clients get this free of charge as we are trying to make contact with a manager or owner at least once every 45–60 days!  If you are inquiring about security services and you would like your property assessed please give us a call on our dispatch/office line!

Chief Knight  is the VP of the "Fountain and Chelton Partnership" (NPO) as well as many other organizations within the city and neighborhood watch groups. He is able to obtain stats and certain aspects of crime that he is able to translate to his Chain of Command) as this is how we enable ourselves to be the best security firm in the state, as knowledge and information is the most powerful weapon we have.

We would love to come out and take a look at your property as it only takes a simple phone call as we are also implementing a community system of communication which enables us to communicate with our owners/managers as much as possible in order to exchange information as this is an even more powerful weapon.  If you do not have an account and you are interested in obtaining new services I hope that we can show you that Security is a crucial part of keeping our communities safe and that's what we are here to do. I hope to hear from you soon and have a great day.

Jason McLaughlin
Knight Security and Patrol Inc.
"Trust, Courage, Honor"
719-434-1489 Office/Dispatch

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